I'm a writer and person in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Spotted in the wild.

Spotted in the wild.


Jamie Burke

Whenever a person I just met at a party asks me what I do, I say, "I'm a word person." I've always liked writing, and so, when other kids became podiatrists and mid-level executives and reality television stars, I just kept writing. 

Today, you'll find me interested in all sorts of word projects. I'm a copywriter-by-day, critic-by-night; I also hold an MFA in Fiction from Emerson College—which means I sometimes make stuff up, too. 

If you need a creative solution to your branding problems, want to know what I think about [insert thing], or are hoping to meet someone a person in workshop once called "derivative of Lorrie Moore," then, hello. It's nice to meet you, finally. 






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