A weekly review of something I love.


Image: Anjas  via Flickr

Image: Anjas via Flickr

This is the first of a new thing I am doing, which is a weekly* appreciation of a thing I am currently into.

Maybe sometimes these things will be material goods, and maybe sometimes these things will be ethereal and feelings-y. I don't know! It is hard to say what I might be into in a week's time. But if you like things and feelings, and semi-scholarly considerations of either, you might just like this.

So, to begin with: smoothies! 

I've always sort of held smoothies as a sort of luxury item in my mind. They are wildly overpriced, to start, the kind of expense you allow yourself as a treat—or when you are in college and have nascent budgeting skills and frequent the student center's Jamba Juice, spending your Monopoly Money-seeming dining points with wild abandon. Plus, smoothies are kind of an insult to thirst, existing in purgatory between food and beverage. Enjoying one says, "I have no specific needs, but here I am with a drink so thick it takes face-effort to consume." 

So, when I was grocery shopping and suddenly struck with the thought that I could use my new immersion blender (an appliance too potentially finger removing-y to be truly enamored of, but useful nonetheless) to make smoothies at home—I mean, I grew up an attempted Catholic so it is with some authority that I say: It was a goddamn revelation. 

We have been having smoothies with breakfast for several weeks now, and I still am not quite over the excitement. In the realm of self-care and treating yo'self, etc., there really is nothing quite like whipping up a thing that feels fancy. And healthy? Or at least health-adjacent, enough that you can forgive yourself for ignoring your better thoughts a little while. 


*I am really going to try.