A weekly review of something I love.


I have only seen like four episodes of Doctor Who, one of which was the one where that stretchy skin alien that is just a pelt with a face begs to be moisturized. Anyways, the point is that that is me from the months of November through (let’s be real, I live in New England) April. Everything is staticky and flaky and it all of it hurts.

Where exfoliating and sheet-masking and trying to be discreet about slathering the end of my nose in “healing hemp balm” fail, there is HUMIDIFIER, doing its best to restore a little wetness to the tundra of my existence. Sometimes I stand in front of it and imagine myself a broccoli among many vegetables at the grocery store, being gently misted for my overall health and appearance. Also, I discovered that one can add essential oil to one’s humidifier! NOT (and this is crucial, please learn from my mistakes) in the water, which really gunks up the works—but in the little cup suspended over your humidifier’s steam spout, dispersing good smells along with humid air and making your small, staticky apartment a slightly more wet and welcoming place to live.