Weekly enthusiasms

A weekly review of something I love.

Christmas lights!

Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

As far as decor goes, there’s nothing that quite approaches the marriage of kitsch and cozy as CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Once you no longer live in a dorm, I believe the accepted adult way of adding them to your home is with fairy lights—perhaps displayed in some sort of mason jar DIY situation? But outside of being put on a tree, I don’t think that Christmas lights should require a pretense. Over a bookshelf, strung with Command Strips above the couch, meticulously taped around the ceiling’s perimeter—it’s the familiar transformation of a space you don’t own, but would nevertheless like to make yours.

I recommend leaning in to it and attempting to read in a room lit by 150-or-so warm LED bulbs, even if you are old now and it’d be better if you had more light. It’s nice.