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A good vacuum™!

Image: Pete  via Flickr

Image: Pete via Flickr

Upgrading from a vacuum that is merely serviceable to A GOOD VACUUM is like reaching to a higher plane of existence you never even knew was there for you. I mean, our vacuum worked in that it sucked up litter and cat hair and dropped potato chips that made their way under the couch—but it often required multiple passes (especially for the cat hair part). Vacuuming was one of those chores where you'd say out loud, "Wow, we really should vacuum," and hope that the other person in your household would respond, "I got this." 

It was hard to imagine that a more expensive vacuum would improve this process so significantly as to be worth spending real dollars on it but, HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. I was called over to witness the inaugural dumping of the stuff from the vacuum into the garbage and it was, wow, like up there with "finally popping pimple" in terms of satisfyingly gross stuff. So much dust! And cat hair! All with so little effort! 

Maybe I will volunteer to vacuum next time.