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Back to school!

It's been a few years since I finished all the school I care to attend. Still, the thought that life would continue without the built-in structure of semesters, class schedules, and summer breaks was depressing at best. Without it, time seemed like it would stretch like over-pulled taffy.

I've gotten used to it. Adult life, in its kind of "can't see the horizon" expansiveness, can be overwhelming. But it's also possibility. Plus, I will never have to go to a math class again—except in my recurring dream where I realize I've been skipping math class all these years and have to go back for a test right away.

Still, September always feels like a reset. It's 90 degrees but you're dying to wear your new sweater and, if you're me, finally breaking in the sneakers your mom forbade you to put on until the actual first day of school. Maybe it's different in places where, like, a third of the population doesn't leave for the summer or toss all their unwanted furniture to the curb in the annual apartment shuffle. But I've been here for more than ten years, some school ones and now some not, so the city's rhythm is mine, too.

Also, I've never actually seen BACK TO SCHOOL.