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Cold Showers!

Image: marcostetter  via Flickr  

Image: marcostetter via Flickr 

Are you a human living in the world? In the past week did you go outside, where you had to interact with other humans? CONGRATULATIONS—you likely noticed that the current weather is "hot bus exhaust for air" and had some small talk about it. It has been impossible to go anywhere without becoming aggressively sweaty, and then having to talk about it in elevators and in line at Trader Joe's. 

I, for one, am trying not to complain about it too much. After 30 years of living in the Northeast, I've officially decided I permanently hate winter. No longer will I be charmed by daintily falling snowflakes and the sparkle of fresh powder collecting on the ground. NO! I know that right behind it there is bone-chilling wind, rain that is also spiky ice, and slush puddles that are so deep you could drown. Summer is the only season that matters, and I won't hear another word about it. 

Still, the other night I biked a cool four miles to a friend's house in Jamaica Plain and my dress was so soaked through with sweat it was wet to the touch—front and back. A woman on the street stopped to ask if I was okay, and I wondered why until I realized that half my braid had fallen out but I hadn't noticed because my hair was plastered to my head.  

So, it was with great satisfaction that I took a COLD SHOWER immediately upon coming home—and many other times during this little heat wave. It is not so much the washing away of your filth, but the remembrance that there are other temperatures and you could be at one of them. The water makes even the hot bus exhaust air feel refreshing, the extremely hot breeze blowing in through the open window that is also in your shower which you hope no one can see through. But also: who cares! The one thing about weather is that everyone is trying to get through it, and there is some comfort in knowing that. 

Are you okay? All of me is stuck together by a layer of half-dried sweat because the air is like a hot, moist towel. But there is a cold shower in my future. Maybe even a cold shower beer. I'll be okay, thank you for asking.