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Throwback playlists!

Image: no lurvin here via  Flickr

Image: no lurvin here via Flickr

Shit! I missed a week.

My only excuse is that I had the house to myself, and so finally had a stretch of many unfettered hours to watch Hart of Dixie (do not look it up) judgment-free. The good news is that this week's enthusiasm is THROWBACK PLAYLISTS, which means the past is still very much alive and we are living in it. It's like I never missed a thing at all! 

Anyways, as a person who works in an open office environment, I am necessarily a person who needs headphones and something to listen to all day. While I do enjoy the company of my coworkers, I am not someone who manages distraction well and therefore things occasionally need drowning out. 

For this, there are THROWBACK PLAYLISTS, courtesy of the algorithm. Honestly, one of the most lamentable things about the way we live now is that my music consumption has grown increasingly passive. Maybe I am romanticizing young, hip Jamie, but I feel like I genuinely discovered so much more stuff back in the day. Now, I don't so much decide what to listen to as listen to what has been decided for me. But in that, there's the THROWBACK PLAYLIST! 

The joy I take in it is the ability to revisit some previous state, if only in memory. Walking With a Ghost is working in the toy store. Jesus, Etc. will always be my friend's backyard, hanging out on an almost-summer night on the hammock near the magnolia tree. Some things are, almost inexplicably now, perfect while you're cooking

Music is transportive. Okay, all art is transportive. But while it's important to stay curious, it's not so bad to hang on to the old favorites. 

So: Play it again, Sam*


*robot machine-learning my preferences